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Ian Ignatov
Ian Ignatov

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' lose the double and the! , which was a copy of get out. at the same time, i had been watching all the five seasons of his podcast, the trews, which has been out for over a year. im amazed by the quality of his humor and knowledge of the music industry, which has helped him become one of my best friends. hes also a really great guy, and is well-known for being such a great person offstage, too. ive written a lot about the trews on twitter over the last year, and jeff and i had become friends on twitter before he even had the show. we have a lot of mutual friends, and he would always come across my tweets about some big music news, and would either try to chime in with an opinion or throw a jab at me. he liked that i ranted, so i invited him to chime in on my show. and im so glad i did. the quality of conversation in the podcast went up a notch just because of him. i have also been a fan of his since before the trews, but it was in 2018 when i found out about the podcast that i became a big jeffree fan. ive watched every episode of his podcast hes done, and was on the verge of buying his book, bull in the heather, for christmas. but after the podcast, i found it was too hard to finish after his break-up with his wife, so i passed on buying that book. i ended up having to buy the book earlier this year, because i wanted to give him a christmas present. hes a big time congrats on buying his book! i have to say im more excited about jeffrees book than i am about his first tv deal. its not because im a snob. i love jeffree. its because if he becomes a show host on tv, i think that could distract him. i worry that he would do something on camera and not put the work in the studio. theres already so much content on instagram, and to now have a tv show come on and compete with all of that would be a problem for his career, as well as for mine.


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