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solitaire queen
solitaire queen

Solitaire is not just one game, but rather a family of card games.

Brief History of Solitaire game: The game has a rich history, originating from Europe in the late 18th century and becoming a global phenomenon through the digital age

solitaire queen
solitaire queen
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Florence Miller
Florence Miller

NYT Wordle is an updated version of the popular word puzzle game called "Wordle." The word-guessing game challenges players to guess a hidden five-letter word within six attempts. Here's how to play NYTimes Wordle.

Objective: The goal of NYTimes Wordle is to guess the secret five-letter word in as few attempts as possible. The word is randomly generated for each game.

Gameplay: You have six attempts to guess the word. You make guesses by entering five-letter words into the game. After each guess, the game provides feedback to help you narrow down the possibilities:

Green squares indicate that a letter in your guess is both in the correct position and is part of the secret word.

Yellow squares indicate that a letter in your guess is part of the secret word but is in the wrong position.

Gray squares indicate that the letter is not in the secret word.


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