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Events of Interest

Please Check back often for new event postings and happenings, Thank You!

  • Sun Valley Wellness Festival
    Thu, Jun 09
    Sun Valley & Ketchum, ID, USA
    This year's 25th Annual COMING HOME theme, explores how social health & well-being define the foundation of our collective wellness, illuminating what it really means to be a community. Attendees are individuals of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds interested in wellness & betterment.
  • Sun Valley Steadfast - Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse
    Wed, May 18
    In-Person Retreat
    Sun Valley Steadfast is a multidisciplinary trauma healing intensive retreat for women ages 18 yrs and older who have experienced sexual abuse. Program components include Yoga, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Individual Therapy Sessions, Community Resiliency Model, Art Therapy, and Fire Ceremony.
  • Sacred Intuition:  Living in the Flow
    Sat, Apr 30
    2-day LIVE Experiential Online Workshop
    A 2-day LIVE experiential online workshop presented by Linda Fitch, with special guests Traci, Sandra, and coach Gabrielle. Join us to learn tools and wisdom to connect to the Divine, to become the very best version of yourself, and to live your most authentic, passionate, and joyful life.
  • Divine Guidance: Four Steps to Tap Into Your Intuition
    Tue, Apr 19
    Free Live 90 Minute Webinar
    Presented by Shaman Linda Fitch, a free live 90 minute webinar to learn: • Quick ways to get out of your mind and into your intuition • The 4 Steps to unlocking your intuitive power • Simple daily practices to confidently connect with your intuitive self • Connect with Guidance from Divine Source
  • Sacred Intuition: Living in the Flow
    Sat, Dec 04
    Online Experiential Workshop
    A 2-Day LIVE Experiential Online Workshop presented by Linda Fitch and with teachers Sonia Sommer and Mary Agnew. Learn to harness your own intuitive wisdom with new tools, practices and exercises from Shamanism, Reiki, and Spiritualism to live a more empowered life.
  • Shamanic Dreamkeepers Summit
    Tue, May 04
    An extraordinary celebration of shamanic healers, teachers, mystics, and leaders who will share their powerful tools, practices, and wisdom to dream a new world into being.
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