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"Working with Traci was simply the most incredible and beautiful session I think I've ever had.  The experience and work done felt like it was on the level of the gods.  It was magnified through every cell of my being!  I feel honored and full of gratitude for the opportunity to work with Traci.  It was truly such a gift of an experience and I'm still in awe of everything that's shifted."

~ Amelia P.

"After my Shamanic Journey with Traci, I felt like a different person... lighter, more relaxed, open and free.

The power of the great feathers as she smudged and cleansed my aura brought unexpected tears.  As I stepped over the threshold into the sacred Shamanic space, more tears came as the healing began already. The energy here is very powerful.

During my healing journey, I was given a Shaman's Blade to cut a cord that was causing my pain.  As I followed the cut cord to its Source, I was surprised and overwhelmed by the great outpouring of Infinite Divine Love which flooded over and through me.  Tears again. And such Gratitude!

Thank you, Traci Earth Echo! Thank you for this gentle, yet intensely powerful Healing Journey."

~ Mavani Hinhan Sa


"Working with Traci really helped me move through some old entanglements and attachments that were blocking me from moving forward and growing.  She creates a really beautiful and sacred space that allows you to fully let go and experience each moment.  I look forward to working with her again!"


~ Becquel Smith 


"Traci is an exceptional healer and a master at transforming deep emotional wounds into places of growth and light.  If you have the courage to leap, trust that Traci will rock your world (gently) towards positive life-long changes.  She did for me."


~ Brian 


"I've been on a more peaceful and grounded path since my three sessions with Traci.  Each time I visited, I felt her love, compassion, and spiritual connection with the universe. It was easy to allow the process and I found myself open to receiving vivid and positive images and energy that has enabled me to release the clutches of my past and walk confidently into my forever now."


 ~ Anonymous 



"I wanted you to know that since the journey new insights and a deepened sense of connection with my ancestors have come in.   I would like to work with you again."


~ Gary



​​"Traci’s skill as a shaman and Reiki Master are beautiful and effective.  I would highly recommend her.  Her humility guides her into spirit and it moves through her as she works.  I had been having a physical issue that was creating a great deal of pain and I had explored just about every avenue of available healing.  They all helped but I still had a level of physical pain that constantly reminded me it was still there.  With Traci’s skill, my pain was reduced to a level zero and seems to be staying.  My gratitude for Traci’s work and dedication goes beyond measure.  The session with Traci also revealed some beautiful visions that I am still interpreting.  Thank you so much for being there. "

~ Dolora D.


"Earth Echo Traci Ireland is authentic, powerful, easy to communicate with and happy.  All translates to a brilliant healing and teaching.  Set up many healings and prepare for a life soared in gratitude and vision."

~ EarthThunder


"Women healers treat body, mind and soul:  Complementary care is mainstream in the Wood River Valley"

Written by: Tony Evans

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