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Download Cars Up! MOD APK v2.17 for Android - Unlimited Money and Fun

Cars Up Mod Apk: A Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game

If you are looking for a fun and addictive puzzle game that will challenge your brain and reflexes, then you should try Cars Up Mod Apk. This is a modded version of the original Cars Up game, which is a popular game on Google Play Store. In this game, you have to stack cars of different colors and shapes on top of each other, without letting them fall off the platform. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so fast. The game gets harder as you progress, with more cars, obstacles, and twists to deal with. You will need to use your logic, strategy, and timing skills to complete each level and earn coins.

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What is Cars Up Mod Apk?

Cars Up Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Cars Up game, which gives you some extra benefits and features that are not available in the official version. For example, you can get unlimited money to buy new cars and upgrades, you can remove annoying ads that interrupt your gameplay, and you can enjoy smoother and faster performance. With Cars Up Mod Apk, you can have more fun and satisfaction playing this amazing puzzle game.

Features of Cars Up Mod Apk

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy with Cars Up Mod Apk:

Unlimited Money

With unlimited money, you can buy any car you want from the shop, without worrying about the cost. You can also upgrade your cars to make them faster, stronger, and more stable. You can use your money to unlock new levels and modes as well. With unlimited money, you can have more options and variety in the game.

No Ads

Ads can be very annoying and distracting when you are playing a game. They can ruin your concentration and mood, and sometimes they can even cause glitches and crashes. With Cars Up Mod Apk, you can get rid of all the ads in the game, and enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. You can focus on stacking cars and having fun, without any interruptions.

Easy Controls

The game has very simple and easy controls that anyone can master. You just have to tap on the screen to drop a car on the platform, and swipe left or right to move the platform. You have to be careful not to drop the car too fast or too slow, or it might fall off or tip over. You also have to balance the platform and avoid hitting obstacles. The controls are very responsive and intuitive, making the game easy to play but hard to master.

Various Levels and Challenges

The game has hundreds of levels that will test your skills and patience. Each level has a different theme, layout, and difficulty. You will encounter different types of cars, such as trucks, buses, sports cars, etc., as well as different obstacles, such as bombs, spikes, magnets, etc. You will also face different challenges, such as time limit, car limit, height limit, etc. The game will keep you entertained and engaged for hours.

Stunning Graphics and Sound Effects

The game has stunning graphics that will impress you with their quality and detail. The cars are designed with realistic physics and animations, making them look like real cars. The backgrounds are colorful and vibrant, creating a cheerful atmosphere. The sound effects are also realistic and immersive, adding to the excitement of the game. You will feel like you are playing with real cars in real scenarios.

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How to Download and Install Cars Up Mod Apk?

If you want to download and install Cars Up Mod Ap k, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

Before you can install any modded or third-party app on your Android device, you need to enable unknown sources in your settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than Google Play Store. To do this, go to your device settings, then security, then unknown sources, and toggle it on. You may see a warning message, but don't worry, it's safe to proceed.

Step 2: Download the Apk File

Next, you need to download the Cars Up Mod Apk file from a reliable and trusted source. You can use the link below to download the latest version of the modded app. The file size is about 60 MB, so make sure you have enough space and a stable internet connection.

Step 3: Install the Apk File

Once you have downloaded the apk file, you need to locate it in your device storage and tap on it to start the installation process. You may see some prompts asking for permissions, just click on allow or install. The installation will take a few seconds, and you will see a confirmation message when it's done.

Step 4: Enjoy the Game

Now you are ready to enjoy the game. You can find the game icon on your home screen or app drawer, and tap on it to launch the game. You will see the modded features activated in the game, such as unlimited money and no ads. You can start stacking cars and having fun.


Cars Up Mod Apk is a fun and addictive puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours. You can enjoy unlimited money, no ads, easy controls, various levels and challenges, and stunning graphics and sound effects with this modded version of the game. You can download and install Cars Up Mod Apk easily by following the steps above. If you love puzzle games and cars, then you should definitely try Cars Up Mod Apk.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Cars Up Mod Apk:

  • Is Cars Up Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, Cars Up Mod Apk is safe to use, as long as you download it from a trusted source. The modded app does not contain any viruses or malware that can harm your device or data. However, you should always be careful when installing any third-party app on your device, and scan it with an antivirus before installing.

  • Is Cars Up Mod Apk free to use?

Yes, Cars Up Mod Apk is free to use, and you don't have to pay anything to download or play it. The modded app also gives you unlimited money that you can use to buy new cars and upgrades in the game.

  • Does Cars Up Mod Apk require root access?

No, Cars Up Mod Apk does not require root access to work on your device. You can install and play it without rooting your device or modifying any system files.

  • Can I play Cars Up Mod Apk online with other players?

No, Cars Up Mod Apk is an offline game that does not support online multiplayer mode. You can only play it solo or with your friends on the same device.

  • Can I update Cars Up Mod Apk to the latest version?

Yes, you can update Cars Up Mod Apk to the latest version by downloading and installing the new apk file from the same source. However, you may lose your progress and modded features if you update the app. Therefore, it is recommended that you backup your data before updating.


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