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Advantages Disadvantages Of Electric Essays

Incidentally, fossil fuel is non-renewable, has fluctuating prices and pollutes the environment. This has prompted the emergence of alternative sources of power for motor vehicles, which are fairly eco-friendly and relatively cheap. For the most part, electric cars offer a near perfect answer to this dilemma. Nevertheless, like all manmade machines electric cars have some disadvantages.

advantages disadvantages of electric essays

However, it is incumbent upon manufacturers of electric cars to carry out aggressive marketing in order to popularize these vehicles. Furthermore, the public needs to be sensitized on the advantages of embracing technology that reduces green house gas emissions. Moreover, there is a need to improve the speed of electric cars and power retention capacity of batteries, to charm the users of conventional cars to switch to electric cars.

Electric vehicles offer many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages when compared to conventional gasoline-powered cars. One of the biggest questions prospective electric car buyers face is whether to purchase an all-electric vehicle (AEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or a gasoline-powered new car.

Electric cars are the latest development in the automotive industry. The cars are made in a manner that positively contributes toward a stable and healthy environment. Electric cars have both a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with them, but clearly, the advantages overshadow the disadvantages.

The concept of electric cars is relatively new in the automotive industry. There are certain specific companies that have already based their car production on being proactive and using electricity. Other companies are currently producing hybrid vehicles that use both gas and electricity. The companies indicate that electric cars not only save money but also help contribute to a stable and healthy environment. Usually, normal cars release carbon emissions which make people vulnerable to pollution and greenhouse gases effect. The first move toward preventing environmental pollution is the use of electric cars. Actually, the government is encouraging people to make use of electric cars by giving them subsidies each time they purchase an electric car (Poullikkas, 2015). However, there are still a few disadvantages that are associated with electric cars. Even though electric cars cost a little bit more than non-electric cars, the benefits associated with electric cars overshadow the negatives.

In modern-day technology, there are so many reasons why one should purchase an electric car (Težak, Sever, & Lee, 2016). Electric cars usually save so much money that could have otherwise been spent on gas. Some of the common advantages associated with electric cars include:

Simply because there are some disadvantages that are associated with electric cars, this does not mean that the cars are entirely bad. The key issue is the fact that electric cars help curb environmental pollution issues and the fact that the car is cost-effective. Besides, electric cars are safe to drive which is the key factor that every customer has to consider. The only issue is that one cannot purchase an electric car in areas where there is a poor power supply since they require frequent charging.

However, there are always downsides no matter the energy source you choose to analyse. GreenMatch has outlined the key advantages and disadvantages of solar power in the following points:

The best way of reducing the risks associated with the use of air conditioners is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. A clean and well-maintained air conditioner will have more health advantages and very few disadvantages. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

We will talk about the advantages of electrical energy , this being a source of energy that can be achieved thanks to the movement of charges rich in negative and positive electrons.

It leads us to the purpose of this compare and contrast essay on electric cars vs. gas cars. Similarities and differences between them are discussed in the first two parts. Then, the advantages of each type of car are presented separately. The conclusion reveals the outcome of this battle.

Despite all the benefits of electric cars, internal combustion engines have a set of significant advantages against them. One of the main ones that probably keeps people away from buying electric vehicles is their driving range.

There are some disadvantages to an electric car which reduce its efficiency. The main one is the range. They can travel for distances twice shorter than the usual gas vehicles. The next weak point is the time it takes it to recharge. Depending on the charging point and the type of battery, it can take up to 12 hours.

Electric cars and vehicles have been seen by many as an answer to issues that are prevalent in transportation and environment. The advent of such vehicles have sparked debate on their benefits and drawbacks. In this essay, I will present my arguments and discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles.

The definition of disadvantage is the state or an example of being in an unfavorable circumstance or condition. Also, you can say it as something that puts one in an adverse position or condition. The synonyms of disadvantage are drawback, limitations, negative, disbenefit, etc. Every topic includes both advantages and disadvantages because nothing is perfect in this world.

In the above sections, you have seen advantages and disadvantages meaning, synonyms, and some example sentences. Now, we are taking a step forward & going to know about a few Advantages and Disadvantages Topics that are most commonly asked in various private and govt. competitive exams and IETLS too.

So, candidates who are appearing for such entrance examinations should be aware of the top-most topics on advantages & disadvantages. Just click on the available links and happily grab all the information of the respective concept.

Not just in things, it is also important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of general topics like political issues, technologies, financial sectors, online education, exams because it helps to make a good decision while speaking or writing in various competitions.

What I meant to say here is preparing all the topics prior before going to appear any competitive exam or IETLS can be the most awesome thing. Also, you can find many topics that have advantages more than disadvantages.

Most of the time we will see and use advantages and disadvantages terms while discussing specific things or any common topic. But the terms that can be used rather than advantages & disadvantages are as such:

If we take any advantages and disadvantages of the topic, we can discuss it by listing them one by one or by using the comparison table or by putting them in an image format for easy sharing. With the help of our available listed topics, you can find the pros and cons in all three ways for better understanding & knowledge.

Is a shortened working week the right choice for your company? Across the world, companies both large and small are experimenting with the idea of a shortened working week. We break down the advantages and disadvantages from proponents and opponents of the new trend.

The Equality: If a four-day work week starts to seriously gain traction, one of the biggest disadvantages could be that it might widen existing inequalities. Such a concept might widen existing inequalities between knowledge workers and flexible or manual workers who are usually paid based on the time they spend working.

Could you please check my essay on traffic problems? ? It's my first text I am making to get ready for the IELTS test.I am going to leave it the way it is. I've spent 25 minutes to write it and +3 minutes for a quick check. My aim was to see how well I can write in the shortest period of time possible. The number of words is 362. (Yeah. I checked the amount of words after I finished writing, so now I know it's not that hard to write 250 words on a topic. Next time I'll try not to write that much)***In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation.What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?Over the last few years, the number of car owners rapidly increased. It led to a rise of traffic problems, such as traffic jams, violation of parking regulations and road accidents. In order to ameliorate the situation, the government and the authorities are discussing the introduction of taxes for private car owners. They say the money paid by the drivers could be used to improve the transport situation. Is it really a solution for the issue?On the one hand, introducing extra taxes for drivers sounds like a good idea. The money could be used to repair the roads which are in poor condition at the moment. But on the other hand, repairing the roads will not make them wider. The actual problem is that streets and avenues in the center of the city were constructed without the anticipation of such an increase of number of vehicles on the city roads, in other worlds, the problem is not only in their condition, but in their width, which cannot be changed. In this case, the only solution would be building new bypass roads, so people who need to get from one part of the city to another could avoid having to drive through the historical center with its narrow streets and avenues. However, it would not solve the problem completely, as most of the people in our city work in the center, so traffic jams would be inevitable in the rush hours anyway.On the other hand, if the government uses the money they get from the tax-payer drivers would be invested in improving the infrastructure of public transport, we could see fewer cars on the street. It is obvious that the main reason we use private cars is the lack of good public transportation. If the government increases the number of buses and makes the bus routes better planned, people could choose using public transport during their everyday life and use their private cars only for other trips, for example to get to the countryside or another towns.To sum up, introducing the taxes might be a good idea, but the most important issue is to decide where to invest this money.(362 words)***PS: I didn't read the essay on traffic problems posted here on the same topic before writing it. I really recommend doing the same: 1) read the topic; 2) write an essay of your own 3) then read the essay of another author to compare your vocabulary, ideas and structure. 350c69d7ab


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