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Chris Carney
Chris Carney

Genius Toefl 104 196

cornell does not yet have any official algorithm for grading essays. the rankings of essay 000 are available on some of the servers that we use and are taken from, but they are not ours and are unofficial. within the university office, we have our own method which includes some things like the score, score by department, and subjective marks that are used for the student contribution awards etc. this is what students get.

Genius Toefl 104 196

you missed it. and now you are in a kind of catch-22 situation. i am assuming you started writing the essay well before the deadline, and yet you cant check any more information on this online, or even if you can get access to any information. you have less than 15 minutes to finish the essay. how will you do it?

write down the general idea. don't give us details, but give us a general idea of what the topic of the essay should be. keep this note simple, and remember the goal is just to write enough to get the point across. don't just copy the prompt, write something new that relates to the prompt.

read the prompt carefully. it says, "but, the essay should speak to a broader audience, such as a person who is not a cornell graduate student". the graduate school wants us to write about the world. how can we write about the world if we dont have the world? which means our point of view should be considered. it also asks us to evaluate different approaches to a problem. think "how do i find the solution?" and not "how does the work compare with that of others?". answer the question concisely and simply. start by stating what it is you need to do, and then move to the next step.


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