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para controlar el acceso que se le da al usuario a los archivos modificados, vamos a tener una ruta para verificar la existencia de los archivos en la que el usuario se estúa estableciendo su autenticación con el servidor. para esto necesitamos crear una carpeta dentro de la raáda web. esta carpeta tendrá la ruta absoluta / y dentro de ella una ruta privada /datos/almacen/pdf/ donde dentro de la ruta se colocarán los archivos que el usuario se estú ha establecido para poder acceder a ellos. se debe tener la ruta absoluta porque el archivo del servidor se mueve a una carpeta dentro de la misma raáda web y no a una carpeta privada dentro de la misma raáda web.


corazon was a very tall and slender woman of american indian descent, standing at a towering five foot eight, and weighing some 150 pounds. she had a light brown complexion, dyed red hair and hazel eyes. a tattoo of a rose was stitched into the inside of her left arm.

her handsome features were marred only by an eye which was bloodshot and made her appear somewhat haggard and insecure. but she had a large, mischievous smile that could light up the room. this woman was very fun, sarcastic and oh so mysterious.

corazon had been a resident of lincoln park, illinois, since she was seven years old, when her parents and two sisters migrated from the southwest united states to the east coast state. her father, a popular mayor who had built roads, stopped traffic and made chicago proud as a transportation leader when he suggested a link to the lakefront, was the reason that the area where he lived was relatively more safe and peaceful than the tough city that was spread across miles of, rougher streets. however, corazon hated living in a place that seemed to receive all the most wanted criminals of the city.


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