Mark your calanders for the special Shamanic "Raven Portal" Workshop being offered by Marv and Shanon Harwood of Kimmapii,  In this workshop, we will work with the wisdom and properties of Raven as our guide and ally, across the veil and through the Portal into the new, unseen world of spirit.  Once there, we will learn the skills required to unlock and access, at will, the secrets of this new, yet vaguely familiar world.  We will learn important shamanic skills to bring healing and balance at the personal, family, and community levels.  Kids 8 years and older are welcome.

     Intelligent, articulate, teacher, bridge to the other side - these are all terms that describe the mystery and the majesty of Raven.  Come meet Raven and let his black wings and bright eyes carry you from this world into the world of timelessness where he'll coach and guide you to find that stillness within.

     This is one of a series of a series of 9 Portals offered, 8 of which may be taken as stand-alone workshops.  To take the ninth Portal, the participant must have taken all the other 8.  Upon completion of all 9 Portals, the Shaman will have a complete Amopistaan or healing bag.  The “Portals” Series is open to everyone.  You may attend them in any order, at any of the Kimmapii teaching locations.  No pre-requisites are required.

     Kimmapii is owned and operated by Marv and Shanon Harwood.  Marv has been a practicing Shaman, healer and teacher for more than 35 years. Among his more notable teachers and mentors are: Dr. Joe Crowshoe Sr., Spiritual Elder of the Piikani Nation; Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of The Four Winds Society; Dr. Carl Greer, Jungian Analyst / Psychologist / Shaman and numerous other gifted healers. He has spent more than 15 years under the direct tutorship of Dr. Joe Crowshoe who gave him the name Eagle Head, and another 10 years earning his certification with The Four Winds Society to become a Graduate of Advanced Divination, Soul Retrieval and the Healing the Light Body School.

     Shanon is a gifted shaman and a public speaker on archetypes, tarot, astrology and the works of Edgar Cayce. Her most notable mentor is Josephine Crowshoe, spiritual elder of the Piikani nation, who named her Buffalo Rock Woman. She has spent 10 years earning her certification with The Four Winds Society to become a Graduate of Advanced Soul Retrieval, Working with The Sacred and the Healing the Light Body School.

     Kimmapii is a contraction of the Blackfoot phrase “Ikimmapii’ipiitsi”, the name given to their company by Spiritual Elders, Joe and Josephine Crowshoe of the Piikaani Nation.  It is literally translated, “to help, to care”. In giving the name, the Crowshoes instructed the Harwoods to “help bridge the gap between people”.

     The purpose of their company is to further the coming of the prophecy that Eagle and Condor will fly together, sharing equally in the same sky.

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This event has been postponed for now.  Please stay tuned for future opportunities next spring.  Thank you for all of your interest and support and Fall Equinox Blessings to you!