Courage to Leap

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine

Traci Earth Echo Ireland

Traci (Earth Echo) is a holistic health practitioner, trained in shamanic medicine, Reiki energy healing, Healing Touch, and Sound Healing, who works with people who have experienced physical, mental, or emotional traumas that are still causing pain and disruption in their lives.  She helps people clear stuck or foreign energies, unhealthy behavioral patterns, and assists them in physical healing.  Her background and experience give Traci exceptional tools and abilities to help make positive, life changing shifts for her clients.  

Traci embarked on this medicine and healing path over 10 years ago, in 2005.  She is a graduate of the Light Body School offered through the Four Winds Society which focuses on the healing teachings and practices of the South American shamans of Peru.  She has traveled to Peru for five different journeys to work with native shamans in the mountains and jungle.  She continues to learn and grow on the Inka medicine path through workshops and journeys with Linda Fitch, her prior teacher from the Four Winds who is now offering stand alone training and expeditions.   Traci is a Full Mesa Carrier in the Q'ero medicine lineage, and also holds certifications as a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner, Reiki Drumming Practitioner, Level 1 Healing Touch Practitioner, and in Tom Kenyon Sound Healing.  


Traci is also studying as an apprentice of EarthThunder, a local Cherokee medicine woman, healer, and teacher of traditional shamanism from her indigenous families and the land in Idaho.  Traci received her Birth Song spirit name, Earth Echo, from a soul retrieval by EarthThunder, which she describes as a tuning of voices from Traci's first life of creation.  She continues to study and incorporate healing practices and traditions from Earth Thunder's teachings into her Life Work.

Traci is also currently enrolled in the year-long Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher program founded by Llyn Cedar Roberts.  This distance learning program is an amazing, in-depth group training that brings together shamanic principles, healing tools, and shamanic way of life, with the Reiki healing energy approaches to health and well-being, in a profound way.​

Traci lives and works in Ketchum, Idaho with her beloved partner Amy, their two dogs Mani and Benny, and two kitty's Chloe, and M.J.. She enjoys getting out in nature as much as possible year round, and plays West African drums in a local drumming group.

                                                      "Leap, and the net will appear"