Courage To Leap Energy Healing

Come, step outside of time to be held in sacred space, to let go and drop into deep healing and restoration.

Traci will help clear and rebalance the energy field within and surrounding your body to positively affect

physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • ​What single change would bring the most relief or joy on your path?
  • What is your deepest desire for what you want in life?
  • What is holding you back?

Are you ready to take a leap?  Traci can help with this journey.  

​Traci (Earth Echo) is an energy medicine practitioner who helps people transform and excel

on their soul's journey.  She is trained in traditional shamanic healing practices and is

Usui Reiki Master attuned.  Her private sessions provide deep relaxation, nurturing,

and support for natural healing to occur on all levels in a safe, sacred, and  

protected space.

Traci's blend of training and experience offers her clients an opportunity to realize

rapid, positive, and lasting change.



Courage to Leap

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine

Traci Earth Echo Ireland

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